Smart energy storage, for everyone 

“Eaton’s 2017 Blackout Tracker estimates that nearly 37 million people were affected 3,526 outage events in 2017”.

Own your power

OPO seamlessly powers your electronics without interruption. Your lights won’t flicker, your devices won't shut off, and you won’t lose your WiFi connection.

It’s all about the green

Plug in your devices and get instant insight into your energy consumption. Store energy when it’s cheap. Discharge it when it’s expensive. Save money while helping create a more eco-conscious “green” power grid. OR… From energy insights, to Time of Use pricing. OPO helps manage your energy consumption while saving money and being more energy conscious.


Do more with ease

Whether you let OPO optimize your power use or manage it through the app, OPO covers tasks like timing your lights or scheduling your gaming system to power off when it’s homework time.