Meet OPO


OPO Plug

The outlet, perfected

OPO Plug is your first step toward smarter energy storage.



More power to you

OPO Hub is the perfect balance of power and intelligence.

OPO for the home

OPO gives users unparalleled control over their home devices and energy management. Plug it in, charge it up and let OPO do the rest.


Plug it in

Simple as plugging in electronics and downloading the OPO app.

Connect devices and slay vampire load

Outlet and power management controlled remotely; sophisticated behavior driven control for vampire load management. Alerts for outages. Battery use prioritization.

Enjoy green energy with the press of a button

Get peace of mind and continuity of renewable energy with dynamic user activation. Perfect for work, entertainment, living and security.

OPO for the office

Ensuring your business stays online and connected is crucial. Don’t lose sales because you lost power. Keep your server, Wifi router or POS system powered and protected so it’s always business as usual.


Stay Connected

If your business loses power, chances are you are losing money. With OPO, you can keep the lights on and that router and point-of-sales machine running.

Stay Protected

OPO will safeguard plugged in devices from any damaging power surge that may happen. That new computer you just bought or expensive company server will stay powered and unaffected.

Stay Green

Real-time energy insights, TVP (Time Variant Pricing) savings, real-time alerts and monthly consumption reports helps your company control green house emissions.


Plug-in play

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Own Your Power

When you pack a ton of smart features and extensive user capabilities into an aesthetically pleasing and minimalist design, you get OPO.

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One Power outlet

Two USB connections

Real-time data insights

Input Voltage Range: 90-132V     

Inverter Output Power Capacity:  450 W / 500 VA

Connections – AC: Four (4) 120VAC         

Are you ready to Own Your Power?

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