OPO Hub takes power to a whole new level. The sophisticated energy system delivers safety, reliability, and uninterrupted connectivity with ease. A simple device that tackles a not-so-simple problem, OPO Hub is redefining what it means to be energy-efficient.

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Design meets functionality

With multiple ports and quick charging outlets, OPO Hub guarantees seamless connectivity on all fronts at all times. And unlike most electronics, it doesn’t need to be hidden in the back of your bookshelf. With its sleek, compact, and customizable design, the OPO Hub will fit in with any type of decor and furniture. And since the only installation required is an everyday outlet, you can easily move your OPO Hub around your home or office.

Total control gives you the power

Smart management capabilities using the OPO app enables complete home control, allowing you to remotely manage your electronics, optimize your usage, and improve energy efficiency. It’s a hassle-free, powerful solution that makes it simple and accessible for anyone to help the environment and save money.

Store more, save more

OPO Hub isn’t just a smart energy storage device. It’s also a smart savings device. We leverage data to find energy-saving solutions, which we then alert you of to help you better manage your power and save money.




Wifi and bluetooth

Stay connected and in control of your power. Connect from anywhere and manage your energy from your smartphone.


Seamless power

When your power goes out, OPO doesn’t skip a beat. Stay productive with less than 10MS response time.


Home integration

Smart home compatible. Connect to devices like Google Home and Alexa to optimize your control.


More outlets, more power

4x 120 volt AC outlets can deliver up to 450W. 1 QC3 USB A and 1 PD 3.0 USB C to charge mobile devices at lightning speed.


Energy reporting

With smart energy usage and analytic reporting, you can easily stay on top of your energy bills.


Zero installation

Take OPO out of the box, plug it in and get connected. No need to break out the tools or call an electrician.



OPO Plug

The outlet, perfected

Your first step toward smarter energy storage.