OPO Plug

OPO Plug


Change has to start somewhere – and it’s starting right here, at the outlet. OPO Plug is the first energy-efficient AND cost-efficient power system of its kind, transforming your power outlet into a powerful backup system. An intelligent energy storage solution and easy-to-use power management tool, OPO gives you power over your power.

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One device, multiple solutions

OPO Plug isn’t a solution to a problem. It’s a solution to many problems. The smart energy system delivers seamless power, emergency storage, and reliable protection while also functioning as a power management tool at the same time. Stay connected, save money, and help the environment – everybody wins.

Managing energy requires zero effort

The OPO Plug was designed not only to provide smart power, but also an easier way for you to be smarter about how you use your power. With real-time outage alerts and energy insights, you can manage and optimize your power consumption with the click of a button – anywhere, anytime.

Smart home integration + no installation

View your energy usage in real-time, opt into utility programs on demand, and connect to your home with a much higher level of control and security. Built-in WiFI and cloud connectivity enables you to optimize your power usage per electronic so you can save time, energy, and money with ease. Simply plug your OPO into an outlet, download the app, and you’re in control!




Wifi and bluetooth

Stay connected and in control of your power. Connect from anywhere and manage your energy from your smartphone.


Seamless power

When your power goes out, OPO don’t skip a beat. Keep your router and modem connected and powered through outages.


Home integration

Smart home compatible. Connect to devices like Google Home and Alexa to optimize your control.


No lost outlets

2x 120 volt AC outlets means you’re not losing any power by plugging OPO in. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.


Energy reporting

With smart energy usage and analytic reporting, you can easily stay on top of your energy bills.


Zero installation

Take OPO out of the box, plug it in and get connected. No need to break out the tools or call an electrician.




More power to you

The perfect balance of power and intelligence.