Smart power, smart insights

Hygge’s OPO device keeps users powered and utility companies informed. We provide system data to help utilities offer tailored solutions to their customers, lower grid costs, and open doors to new revenue streams. The OPO device also delivers real-time power failure alerts, frequency regulation, and reliable backup power which helps to reduce downtime. It’s the missing link between the utility and the consumer.


Outage notification


Emergency backup power


Dynamic Capacity


Household level intelligence


Reactive power support


Frequency regulation


Power Quality Monitoring

Proven, non-wired alternative for grid stability. Minimize the impact and risks from key supply chain, data privacy, and technology areas. 

Forecast & Manage Demand

Easily manage demand response and reduce critical service interruptions to provide safe and reliable energy to customers.

Flexible Energy Storage

User-friendly, real-time insight for you and your customers. Help customers manage their power usage, improve energy storage, and increase savings.