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Introducing OPO

The Outlet, Perfected

by Hygge Power


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Own Your Power

In a storm or blackout, OPO seamlessly powers your electronics without interruption. Your lights won’t flicker, your devices won't shut off, and you won’t lose your WiFi connection. And in a power surge, OPO protects your devices in graceful stride.

Lithium ion battery storage
Two U.S.-standard outlets
Two USB connectors
Surge protection

Get Peace of Mind

While you’re away, OPO monitors movement in your home and sends alerts to your phone. At night, LEDs can illuminate either with motion or in low light. In power outages, emergency lights keep your home well-lit. OPO even manages emergency energy use: When the electricity goes down, for example, OPO will keep your food safe by optimizing your fridge's cooling schedule.

Motion sensors and alerts
Security notifications
Night and emergency lighting
Emergency power management

Do More, Easily

Like a smart faucet, OPO lets you turn your electricity up, down or off. Slay vampire energy drain and save hundreds of dollars annually. Whether you let OPO optimize your power use or manage it through the app, OPO covers tasks like timing your lights or scheduling your gaming system to power off when it’s homework time.

Smart scheduling
Smart energy monitoring
Precision power control
WiFi connectivity

With Passion

Hygge Power's team in Boulder, Colorado, designed OPO from the ground up with inspiration, experience and dedication. OPO exudes elegance, from its stylish faceplate options to its precision components and support.


Form and Function

OPO comes with four color options. Elevate your rental or build your next project with beautiful power baked in.


Better Energy. Better Lives.

Hygge (pronounced HUE-guh) is the Danish culture of coziness and beauty in everyday moments, and the inspiration behind Hygge Power.

By transforming the everyday outlet, we’re transforming how people feel about and use power. And OPO is just the beginning.


The Hygge Power Roadmap

JAN 2017

Hygge Power was born. Plans for OPO began.

DEC 2017

Pre-seed funding closed, prototype demos and IP filings.

DEC 2018

Innovation Awards, Gov. Grants, and acceleration to market; Finalizing quality testing and Alpha Pilot.

AUG 2019

OPO arrives in your mailbox. The energy revolution begins.



Hygge Power will launch OPO in 2019.
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1200 Pearl Street, Suite 50
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