Smart power. Better storage.
Total control.


Energy consumers have always been at the mercy of the grid. Price, reliability, and renewable choice have been out of reach, beyond our control. We’re changing that.


Now, the power is on your side

We are on a mission to bring cleaner, more reliable, comfortable energy storage to you, simple as plugging it in.

Hygge Power’s ... solution is exactly what the grid needs to be successful in the future.
— Adrian Tuck, CEO of Uplight

Power, redefined

Turn your everyday outlet into a power device with emergency storage, surge protection, in-app control, and simple smart home integration.


Life, uninterrupted

Intelligent seamless power means you never have to put your life on pause when the power goes out.


Control, all yours

Make your electricity work harder and longer. Smart energy storage that learns as you use it.


Better energy. Better lives.

It’s really about empowerment. By transforming the everyday outlet, we’re changing the way people connect to their energy by putting the power in their hands.

And OPO is just the beginning.