A Boulder based company

Hygge (pronounced HUE-guh) is the Danish culture of coziness and beauty in everyday moments, and the inspiration behind hygge power.

Managing our power environment requires tools and insight that allow us to control everything from price, to efficiency and where our power comes from. hygge power products work for you and with you, to manage your power supply simply by plugging them in.


Hygge team

We are a full stack team of electrical, mechanical and power systems engineers, tied together with utilities expertise.


Advisor board

Our advisory board is a team of individuals with years of experience in the utilities, energy modeling, customer strategy and regulations.


Company timeline




In 2017, hygge power was formed. With a goal of creating a more reliable energy management system.



We identified a gap in the energy storage market. Our team began developing OPO based on critical customer and industry feedback.



Strategically partnered with utilities to solidify our value proposition and identify potential target markets.



After Alpha and Beta stages, hygge power will be bringing a full-scale, smart energy storage device to the masses.

Industry recognition


Business development